Imagined Balance workshops are intensives focused on equipping you with the essential tools necessary to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. These mindfulness workshops help teachers, parents and leaders guide students, kids and professionals in quieting their thoughts and improving their performances. We have three standard workshops listed below but can also customize workshops. Please contact Kellie to learn more.

Imagined Balance

Self Care

Mindfulness is, at its essence, about caring for ourselves. In this workshop you will learn how to slow down your thoughts and to focus on your breadth. You will leave the workshop with the skills necessary to center yourself in the midst of everyday chaos. The result will be improved work performance, better sleep and an overall improvement in your disposition.

Imagined Balance

Self Regulation

In this workshop we focus on behavioral modifications. We will practice methods that allow you to let go of anxiety, poor habits and addictions so you can regulate your emotions and reactions to triggers. And we will teach you how to guide your child or student in the process as well.

Imagined Balance

Community Building

This workshop is great for teachers and leaders who need to guide groups through navigating challenging situations. You will be armed with tools that center people and students collectively, increase connection and empathy and improve overall performance and social synthesis.