About Imagined Balance

Kellie Norrgard is a mindfulness teacher who specializes in working with kids. But her impact goes way beyond kids, Kellie has brought her calming influence to teens, parents, teachers and schools for more than 10 years. With a natural enthusiasm and curiosity, she is able to create programs tailored to one child’s specific needs and to build broad curriculums for schools to adopt into their daily schedules. She helps families navigate stressful challenges and teens manage the pressure of navigating life decisions. Her experience allows her to make the abstract idea of meditation accessible, bringing daily life into focus in a real and tangible way.



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Imagined Balance, Kellie Norrgard, Greenwich, CT

Kellie's Approach

Kellie has spent years studying mindfulness and meditation. But what sets her apart is her unique ability to translate her scientific understanding into a personalized plan. She approaches each case by first understanding challenges at hand, the settings navigated daily, the relationships involved. From there she can build ways to infuse mindfulness into daily life, making it easier to incorporate and practice regularly.

Why Imagined Balance

Kellie is intent on empowering her students. And to do that, she must convert her knowledge into terms which are easily applied. As a result of her comprehensive approach, students experience results. With Kellie, students have increased awareness of their inner selves, experience more balance throughout their days, and have more empathy for those around them. Kellie facilitates a decrease in anxiety, an increase in concentration, improved self-esteem and a more secure sense of confidence. Whether a child inundated with information, a classroom overflowing with nervous energy, or a trader navigating the markets, Kellie impacts performance and outcome in profound ways.